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Part number: HOTBOX

Our top-of-the-line DI is an active direct box that operates with batteries or phantom power. Its super-clean front-end circuitry delivers extremely wide and flat frequency response and will reveal hidden harmonics from guitars and basses with high-output passive pickups.

* Type: Active

Features include:

* 1/4" parallel wired in/out jacks
* Ground Lift switch to help eliminate hum and buzz
* Input switch selects between OFF, ON or ON with 20 dB PAD engaged for connecting to strong line or speaker level signals.
* LED indicates "ON" status

Model # - HOTBOX 
* Input Impedance: 1 Meg Ohms
* Frequency Response: 20Hz-150kHz ±3dB
* Residual Output Noise: -115dB
* Maximum Input Level: 15dBm - battery, 20dBm - 48V phantom. Add 20dBm with pad engaged
* Power Requirements: (2) 9V batteries or 48V phantom
* Battery Life: approximately 300 hours
* Current Draw: approximately 4.0mA DC


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